Graph data modeling and importing the spreadsheet way

You are new or quite interested in exploring Graph Databases and would like to know how to start modeling and importing data in Neo4j?

There are several ways that could get you started; the neo4j-shell-tools, Load CSV and Batch Import and many more. I strongly recommend reading and exploring the following resources, but to quickly get you started modeling and easily import a small subset of data (<1000 nodes/relationships) the spreadsheet approach is well suited for this.

Let’s take a look at Graph modeling and importing the spreadsheet way
You can find the sample Excel spreadsheet here and also a Google Sheet here

The sheet (worksheet) is composed of two parts:
For Nodes -> Columns A, B and C contain the data for the graph, using a “Node”, a “Name”, and a “Label”
For Relationships -> Columns F, G, H, I and J contain the data for the graph, having a “From” (where the relationship starts), a “To” (where the relationship ends), and a “Relationship Type”. Columns G and J reference the nodes names for the “From” and “To” columns.

So how to create the required Cypher statements from these nodes and relationships? With simple formulas using the columns mentioned above, we can generate the proper Cypher syntax.

A closer look a the formula for generating the Cypher statement for generating nodes:
=”create (n”&A2&”:”&C2&” {id:”&A2&”, name:'”&SUBSTITUTE(B2, “‘”, “'”)&”‘})”
create (n1:Character {id:1, name:’Cleopatra’})

Formula for generating the Cypher statement for generating relationships:
=”create n”&F2&”-[:”&H2&”]->n”&I2
create n1-[:FELLOW_COMPAGNON]->n2

Now the easy part is to simply highlight and copy both columns D and K into your Neo4j browser and execute to generate your graph model.


The complete generated Cypher statement from column D and K, which you can copy and execute in your Neo4j browser

create (n1:Character {id:1, name:'Cleopatra'})
create (n2:Character {id:2, name:'Cesarion (Ptolemy XVI)'})
create (n3:Character {id:3, name:'Julius Caesar'})
create (n4:Character {id:4, name:'Edifis'})
create (n5:Character {id:5, name:'Caius Fatuous'})
create (n6:Character {id:6, name:'Odius Asparagus'})
create (n7:Character {id:7, name:'Brutus'})
create (n8:Character {id:8, name:'Cacofonix'})
create (n9:Character {id:9, name:'Insalubrius'})
create (n10:Character {id:10, name:'Ekonomikrisis'})
create (n11:Character {id:11, name:'Porpus'})
create (n12:CharacterType {id:12, name:'The Gauls'})
create (n13:CharacterType {id:13, name:'The Romans'})
create (n14:CharacterType {id:14, name:'The others'})
create (n15:Citizenship {id:15, name:'Egyptian'})
create (n16:Citizenship {id:16, name:'Gaul'})
create (n17:Citizenship {id:17, name:'Phoenician'})
create (n18:Citizenship {id:18, name:'Roman'})
create (n19:Citizenship {id:19, name:'Roman/Egyptian'})
create (n20:Album {id:20, name:'Asterix the Gaul'})
create (n21:Album {id:21, name:'Asterix the Gladiator'})
create (n22:Album {id:22, name:'Asterix and Cleopatra'})
create (n23:Album {id:23, name:'Asterix in Britain'})
create (n24:Album {id:24, name:'Asterix the Legionary'})
create (n25:Album {id:25, name:'Asterix and the Chieftain’s Shield'})
create (n26:Album {id:26, name:'Asterix in Spain'})
create (n27:Album {id:27, name:'Asterix and the Roman Agent'})
create (n28:Album {id:28, name:'The Mansions of the Gods'})
create (n29:Album {id:29, name:'Asterix and the Laurel Wreath'})
create (n30:Album {id:30, name:'Asterix and the Soothsayer'})
create (n31:Album {id:31, name:'Asterix and Caesar’s Gift'})
create (n32:Album {id:32, name:'Obelix and Co.'})
create (n33:Album {id:33, name:'Asterix in Belgium'})
create (n34:Album {id:34, name:'Asterix and the Black Gold'})
create (n35:Album {id:35, name:'Asterix and Son'})
create (n36:Album {id:36, name:'Asterix and the Magic Carpet'})
create (n37:Album {id:37, name:'Asterix and the Secret Weapon'})
create (n38:Album {id:38, name:'Asterix and Obelix all at Sea'})
create (n39:Album {id:39, name:'Asterix and the Actress'})
create (n40:Album {id:40, name:'Asterix and the class act'})
create (n41:Album {id:41, name:'Asterix and Obelix’s Birthday'})
create (n42:Album {id:42, name:'Asterix and the Picts'})
create n1-[:FELLOW_COMPAGNON]->n2
create n1-[:FELLOW_COMPAGNON]->n3
create n1-[:FELLOW_COMPAGNON]->n4
create n2-[:FELLOW_COMPAGNON]->n3
create n3-[:FELLOW_COMPAGNON]->n5
create n3-[:FELLOW_COMPAGNON]->n6
create n3-[:FELLOW_COMPAGNON]->n7
create n5-[:FELLOW_COMPAGNON]->n8
create n5-[:FELLOW_COMPAGNON]->n9
create n5-[:FELLOW_COMPAGNON]->n10
create n5-[:FELLOW_COMPAGNON]->n11
create n6-[:FELLOW_COMPAGNON]->n8
create n7-[:FELLOW_COMPAGNON]->n2
create n9-[:FELLOW_COMPAGNON]->n11
create n1-[:CHARACTER_TYPE]->n14
create n2-[:CHARACTER_TYPE]->n14
create n3-[:CHARACTER_TYPE]->n13
create n4-[:CHARACTER_TYPE]->n14
create n5-[:CHARACTER_TYPE]->n13
create n6-[:CHARACTER_TYPE]->n13
create n7-[:CHARACTER_TYPE]->n13
create n8-[:CHARACTER_TYPE]->n12
create n9-[:CHARACTER_TYPE]->n13
create n10-[:CHARACTER_TYPE]->n14
create n11-[:CHARACTER_TYPE]->n14
create n1-[:CITIZENSHIP]->n15
create n2-[:CITIZENSHIP]->n19
create n3-[:CITIZENSHIP]->n18
create n4-[:CITIZENSHIP]->n15
create n5-[:CITIZENSHIP]->n18
create n6-[:CITIZENSHIP]->n18
create n7-[:CITIZENSHIP]->n18
create n8-[:CITIZENSHIP]->n16
create n9-[:CITIZENSHIP]->n18
create n10-[:CITIZENSHIP]->n17
create n11-[:CITIZENSHIP]->n18
create n1-[:APPEARS_IN]->n22
create n1-[:APPEARS_IN]->n35
create n1-[:APPEARS_IN]->n38
create n1-[:APPEARS_IN]->n41
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n20
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n21
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n22
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n23
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n24
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n25
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n26
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n27
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n28
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n29
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n30
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n31
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n32
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n33
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n34
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n36
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n37
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n38
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n39
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n40
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n41
create n3-[:APPEARS_IN]->n42
create n2-[:APPEARS_IN]->n35
create n4-[:APPEARS_IN]->n22
create n4-[:APPEARS_IN]->n41
create n5-[:APPEARS_IN]->n21
create n6-[:APPEARS_IN]->n21
create n7-[:APPEARS_IN]->n21
create n7-[:APPEARS_IN]->n27
create n7-[:APPEARS_IN]->n30
create n7-[:APPEARS_IN]->n35
create n9-[:APPEARS_IN]->n21
create n10-[:APPEARS_IN]->n21
create n10-[:APPEARS_IN]->n34
create n10-[:APPEARS_IN]->n41
create n11-[:APPEARS_IN]->n21;

The result! A Graph…

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